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from what ive gathered…

a TIO complaint works like this :-

Level 1 – the supplier has 10  business days (too long in my opinion) to resolve the issue.
It doesn’t matter if they say that they will contact you on such and such a day and don’t.
It doesn’t matter if the person who’s allocated the case goes on leave/dies and the case is not allocated to someone else.

The customer/victim is meant to be left in the lurch/dark until that 10  business days are up.

The customer/victim is not meant to call the supplier to see what’s going on maybe to save time, help the supplier save some money. etc…

Level 2 –  the supplier gets another 10  business days to keep their victim/customer in the dark.


times a ticking… Telstra!

3 (4 in nomal human time) business days left to resolve my TIO complaint be fore it moves to the next level.

wanna bet it’ll be me that has to do the running around by calling Telstra to see if Renee (case manager) has done what she said she was going to do.

Wish they can prove me wrong, but due to the incompetence so far displayed by Telstra and their representative (Fone Zone running Fremantle Telstra Store) i find it hard to believe.

telstra v cancer riddled pensioner

From the Newcastle Herald – Pensioner fed up with Telstra by Alison Branley 15 Dec, 2011

ahh ya gotta love em…

free extras in your fast food!

From the Perth Sunday Times – Coffee served with cockroach at Perth McDonald’s stores by Glenn Cordingley and Phil Hickey


err yuk!

have a look here for the list of breaches :–  Publication of names of offenders list

the fines are too small, the big companies just snub their noses at the fines and just keep doing it.


indian scammers

don’t these Indian scammers claiming that they are from such and such then saying that your computer has a virus, just piss ya off.

Its time they cracked down on the VOIP to PSTN gateways and made them pay fines.

Too bad they cant drop a bomb on India because then we would have to live with the fall out.

Anyway I told them to get effed and to stop calling me. But I doubt that will stop them.

this site makes me laugh you just cant take it seriously.

Godlike Productions

people may go…

(if they have read my posts this far) why don’t you go somewhere else?

I can’t as Telstra are the only ones that allow me to lease newer (Mobile Repayment Option)  handsets and be on a contract, no one else will. Larger network coverage.

Pre-paid –  the handsets are crap and the upfront prices are too big the rates are crap the credit time are crap.

The other telcos are crap.

Ive been on Optus and they canceled my account even when I was paying on time so they can get stuffed. Also their network is crap.

Vodafone –  ive still got an account (that no-plans one they used to offer) but they wont allow me to get a handset from them. Their network is crap. They actually allowed me on contract before they cracked down on giving out services.

Virgin just another name for Optus and are only a virtual network also i was with them when they started they leased me a handset that i couldn’t fully use as they wouldn’t/couldn’t support that feature, after my contract was up i left in disgust vowing never to go back. They still look/sound crap from what ive been reading.

Crazy johns –  again another virtual Mobile network on Vodafone.