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a post i put on whirlpool

March 7, 2012

<Drat. Not a company rep! writes…

‘m confident that if Telstra did not provide you with a loan phone (not necessarily of the same model or even a smartphone), and you do not have any billable usage charges (including voice calls, SMS/MMS messages, and mobile data usage) for the month, Telstra can easily be talked into crediting you with the plan fee.>

I reply back :-

unfortunately it was a re-contract and of course Ive been using it then of course they wont credit back the plan fee.
Also I didn’t take a loan phone, why take the risk?
I ask again where in the acts that allows any company/business to send it away to get assessed?
And I don’t care if it will cost the company blah blah rubbish.
All ive got from Telstra and their representatives (FoneZone operating the fremantle telstra shop) is lies, lack of information, doubt. What can be a simple thing they want to fight, why, why? Why is what was sent in as an ELF taking so long? Have they lost it? From what I gathered from the shop staff that once its shoved on the shelf theirs no trail of it.
I think they are even turning their noses up to the TIO and that this is going to drag on cos business here don’t have any responsibility. They just want to do as little as possible and lazy so the customer will just give up.
Business/companies complain of too much Red tape, what a load of crock! there’s not enough of it. Its because business/companies are lazy here. I say too bad, why should I (or anyone) have to put up with it?
my phones been gone for 10 business days (2 weeks if ya include week ends).
they (Telstra) now have 5 business days to resolve it until it goes to the next level ($280) not enough I say It should be more like $10000 a day.


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