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i get this on WP

March 7, 2012

off center quotes me Also I didn’t take a loan phone, why take the risk?

and  says LOL what risk?


so i come back saying :-of the loan phone getting lost/stolen/damaged etc, think about it.
Is that worth the risk to you as a customer/consumer?
Why is it me that has to take that risk?
Ill do a whinging business/company excuse, “im not a charity! boo hoo…” 🙂


off center goes :– 

HAHAHAHAHA. Holy crap are you serious? Telstra have just lost your new phone, yet you’re scared of losing the loan phone they give you. HAHAHAHAHA. Dude, are you even listening to yourself?

So how’s you’re impeccable risk assessing skills working for you then? LOL.


That sounds like personal attack to me, if Its not then I don’t know what is? Travis.




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