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March 7, 2012

Cyber Speed gets back to me, his/her quotes will be in blue my answers will be normal black.


The store has an obligation to repair the phone if it it damaged due to the manufactures specifications.

So the ELF is not being honored!

Please try be patient with the store as the phone has probably been sent away.

yes it has (I wish people would read my previous posts instead of skimming over them)!
how would you like it if your 5 day old phone is sent away and not heard anything about it? its been gone 2 weeks. I don’t care about time frames, I didn’t buy it for it to be away for a repair while they get to decide what to do.
Its more of a company/business policy which the ACL’s is meant to prevent. And the companies/business are not following so they deserve to be punished.

Once it have been sent they have no way of really tracking it until it is returned to the store with a full Diagnostics report of what they found and what was done to the phone.

shouldn’t be my problem, that’s a very bad way to operate especially with equipment that does not belong to them. If they want to do it with their own property it is up to them. just shows how much contempt for customers they have.

Most times the phone is rebooted and checked and sent back. But the issue could still be in the phone if there is a problem with it. In saying that the store can send the phone back under warranty 3 times before a replacement should be offered.

i can see this happening with this if it hasn’t been lost, its been a farce right from the get go. ive been mega stuffed around.

If in any case this is interrupting your business the store should offer a loan phone and in most cases its covered by the store insurance if anything happens to it. They might charge a small fee if it is destroyed.

this is a risk that that i will not take and neither should anyone else.

If spoken too in the correct manner and politely, you would probably get a better response.

yes i have if these companies are allowed to have their stupid policies then why shouldn’t I? which is 3 contacts with the problem then i make a complaint. Why should I be inconvenienced due to their silly lazy rules.

If all this fails and you are still not happy then rather send an email to the CEO of telstra explaining your problem and they should assign someone to your case within a a day or 2.

why should I have to? what the hell are these people there for? They are not doing their jobs properly and should be sacked but we live in a society where we pay some people (CEO’s, managers) too much to be slack.

In most cases you will find that the issue can be resolved without the need to slander the company or organisation.

no the companies do it to themselves with their silly policies. oh and truth hurts. too bad.

I know we live in a world where we want everything Now and fixed on the spot.

so? why not?

But sometimes we have to be patient.

funny how we customers/consumers have to be and business/companies don’t.

I hope this helps steer you in the right direction as going through the TIO could make matters worse for your situation as they give the company involved a considerable amount of time to solve the issue. In some cases it could take 2 or 3 months.

that’s why there needs to be big massive punishments for companies/business when they are found at fault.
maybe executions of CEO’s, board members owners wouldn’t go astray either 🙂

I hope you manage to find a peaceful resolution to your problem in a reasonable time frame.

doubt that from what i stated above about them not honoring that ESP express warranty. Im more confident its just going to get worse.





If other people want to put up with the shenanigans of corp/business then its up to them but it doesn’t mean I should have to put up with it! Travis.


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