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scratch pad what i put into one of Telstra’s 24×7 help forms

March 8, 2012

contact me when you say you will. Saying im basically leasing (MRO) the Velocity 4G from you could you actually find out what is going on with the ELF.
Talk to me instead of treating me like im not there.
Oh and why cant I use your exchange blog site?
I doubt anything will be done as that is about so all this work in writing this is just a waste time.

and the reply was :-

heya Travis

Thanks so much for sending your details through to me so that I can follow up with what is happening with your mobile phone,

I have escalated your concerns to my Supervisor so that your Case Manager should be in contact with you today, Friday, to fill you in on what stage your Complaint is at.

I appreciate this is really frustrating for you, as I can only imagine how frustrating it is for you when you buy something and it doesn’t work.

If you don’t hear from your Case Manager today, please advise, and I will push buttons a little bit further.

Kind Regards
wanna guess what? go here

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