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Telstra will snub their nose at the TIO

March 8, 2012

pulled off crowd support.

Dale says:
17 Jun 2011 at 12:58 pm

hi brendon , I am still having problems with telstra, since ive been dealing with the tio we had a resolution but telstra arent upholding there part of the resolution now i have to go back to the tio, to reslove my frustation, which will take another 3 months, And yes we are still having problems with the wireless home phone connection, sometimes there is no dial tone and also the phone has an echo when using the phone. I am not a customer of Telstra, I am a Victim of Telstra , Regards Dale
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Brendan – [Your Community Manager] says:
17 Jun 2011 at 2:57 pm

Hello Dale. I’ve just asked if there is anything more that we can do in the current situation. Should hear back Monday. When matters go to the TIO there are many more processes to follow, and I know this is frustrating as it often takes more time to come to a resolution.
Shayne says:
6 Oct 2011 at 3:27 pm

An interesting response to Dale’s comment.
It is obvious that a response to the particular problem would not be appropriate if it is under investigation by the TIO.
The response reads like a warning not to take matters to the TIO or a resolution will be take much longer – some may see that as a warning

A warning? WTF? no its Telstra getting away with being a bunch of ass holes.

The TIO allows too many business days for resolution that are too long for the poor victim the consumer/disgruntled customer. It should be sorted out within 48 normal standard hours “after all these services are sold in and able to be used 24hrs a day 7 days a week 365 days a year and charged accordingly” NOT NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS!.

Starting to look like ill be paying for something for nothing, just typical of these scum bag good for nothing greedy companies/business and our useless government allows it to happen. Travis.


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Jason Girle says:

1/2 hour on phone to get nowhere AGAIN !
3 years, THREE YEARS this has been going on – Telstra even ignores the TIO !!!!!!!
I understand the people on the front line cant help with deeper issues but from case mgrs up….. wake up to yourselves and grow some pride and professionalism ! your customer service is non existant – it is embarresing that you represent our national telecomunications carrier – it will be bye bye telstra when other companys get an even footing in the market.
feel free to pass this off for ‘investigation’ Brendon…bloody disgusting!

Brendan – [Your Community Manager] says:

Hi Jason, Can I have yourv account number and a countact number please? You can use this form.


holy shit, 3 years! that is shocking how can this happen? Travis


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