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March 10, 2012

(if they have read my posts this far) why don’t you go somewhere else?

I can’t as Telstra are the only ones that allow me to lease newer (Mobile Repayment Option)  handsets and be on a contract, no one else will. Larger network coverage.

Pre-paid –  the handsets are crap and the upfront prices are too big the rates are crap the credit time are crap.

The other telcos are crap.

Ive been on Optus and they canceled my account even when I was paying on time so they can get stuffed. Also their network is crap.

Vodafone –  ive still got an account (that no-plans one they used to offer) but they wont allow me to get a handset from them. Their network is crap. They actually allowed me on contract before they cracked down on giving out services.

Virgin just another name for Optus and are only a virtual network also i was with them when they started they leased me a handset that i couldn’t fully use as they wouldn’t/couldn’t support that feature, after my contract was up i left in disgust vowing never to go back. They still look/sound crap from what ive been reading.

Crazy johns –  again another virtual Mobile network on Vodafone.




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