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why can’t?

why can’t customers be allowed to charge for their time if a business/company stuffs up saying they (companies/business)┬ácan penalize the customer with silly fees and charges if a customer stuffs up?

Say like you have qualifications and you may be working and your rate of pay is say $20per hour.

So saying business normal operating hours they should be able to be charged by the customer the amount of hours it takes to resolve the issue.


im going to continue posting Telstra induced Psychosis

linky … Another Telstra Billing Issue.

Move Along. Nothing To See Here.

From iTnews – Telco strategy shifts to the customer By David Kennedy on Dec 9, 2011   Yet these telcos fall flat on their face.

From The Daily Wire forums – The TIO and it’s logic! <— just shows that Telstra has gotten too big for its boots and its disdain for its customers.

from ABC news web site – Customers spending hours on telco complaints <— and that’s why the customers should be compensated with money after all “money talks”.

A post on reddit Australia – Phone not working for a month. This is my letter to Telstra…


more to come…

link to article on lifehacker

TIO: Most Delays In Fixing Net And Phone Problems Entirely Avoidable. 8:45AM August 12, 2011 | Angus Kidman

have they learnt anything?

Nope of course not!

Too busy chasing that $11 billion from the government, hey Dave?

if you think Telstra is bad then look at this…


how money corrupts.

help dean do a good deed…

Ok enough of this Telstra BS and let me divert your attention to Dean over on schwoit he is going to shave-a-da-face for the  Leukaemia Foundation which is a charity involved in blood cancers and the like. The least amount you can sponsor him for is $27, just follow the links if you can help.

i have had to call them

well through twitter ive been told to ring them, I find out that that they tried to contact me on Monday. Funny how i was home all day and had phones close to me and nothing. Who is providing telstra with their phones? LOL!

anyway Kat who Brendan off Telstras exchange site┬ásaid has been allocated my case Is on annual leave so i got passed to Renee (hopefully that’s the correct spelling?).

Renee is going to contact the shop and the NRC but due to the time of my call and there being a public holiday in Melbourne ill find out hopefully more info on Tuesday.

here’s hoping, umm maybe not.

ben f says on crowdsupport

I’ve Read your blog, and I somewhat agree with the statements of Brendan (Even though it wasn’t on crowdsupport).

please point which ones out.

If you make a complaint to the TIO, as its gone external to the company, there are additional regulations and processes that are placed on that interaction, as an external party is now involved.

what to ring the customer up and say that Telstra has received that complaint and that the someone would contact the customer on Monday/Tuesday and this doesn’t happen. Basicly keep the customer in the dark. Either keep your promises or stop bullshitting and stonewalling

In addition, depending on the “Level” the complaint has been assigned, Telstra is given a specific amount of time to respond to the complaint. If you want more information on the TIO process, please send me a PM as its not relevant to this thread.

which is too long, 10 business days is 2 weeks in non business persons terms. It just proves the costs to the company is not enough.


In addition, whilst reading your blog, I suggest you have a quick read of of the TEX Community Guidelines, and the CrowdSupport Community Guidelines, to avoid your posts being censored.

there have been posts worse than mine which have been put up, so with this stonewalling by your ex-employer and keeping me in the dark what do you expect? Take it? NO! I shouldn’t have to put up with Telstras silly policies. Maybe im coming too close to the truth and some highups don’t like it? what i say is “too bad you have brought it onto yourselves”. After all they are meant to be the professionals and get PAID to run the companies. Maybe its got to do with what I said in one of my posts? eg. And my gripe is going to be posted to any websites told to as many people as I can.” Who wouldn’t say that?
Especially with the way Telstra treats their customers.


would be nice for someone in Telstra to say we are going to do this but no all ive had is “people are assigned this”, no contact unless ive said it on the boards or twitter just plain silence from telstras end. no contacts from this so called assigned person, nothing just empty promises that are not kept.

oh and Time left to resolve my TIO complaint is now 5 business days (8 normal persons days due to public holiday/weekend) left that’s just too long.